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Kahma Golf Bags Evolution


Kahma Golf Bags are the culmination of many years of research and lateral thinking. They integrate patented CaddyRack Pro with Softgrip technology into a modern functional design. The bags have been designed to take full advantage of this new technology and are the only genuine graphite-friendly golf bags available.

The unparalleled performance and silent operation of Kahma golf bags is proving the fashionable trend of multi-divided top golf bags to be very misguided.

The bags have only a few major compartments. The Kahma Soft Grip ingeniously organizes nine irons in one compartment and the large open design of the other compartments has ample room for all the woods and any extra irons, etc. The putter can be safely used with no cover on the C2, C3 & C5 models.

The unparalleled ease of club selection, removal and replacement has to be experienced to be believed.

The silent operation on the golf course is a bonus for the mental side of your golf game, but it is also proof that the bag is protecting your valuable clubs.